We inspect a lot of homes in South Carolina. Typically, we know what is normal and what is surprising, and some of the pictures we’ve taken tell stories that would surprise the home owners or buyers. Many of these items would never have been found without a comprehensive inspection.

Below are some of the images that surprised us – issues that potential home buyers or sellers can’t afford to miss. Our comprehensive home inspection can be a major benefit by uncovering issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. Contact us today for an inspection from Lindey Home Inspection Service!

Electrical unit
Roof gutter
A metal pipe routing towards a light switch
bathroom toilet

A regular bathroom toilet.

thermal image of a toilet

Here’s the same toilet, but viewed through a FLIR thermal camera. The purple area in the center is a leak, invisible to the naked eye.

moisture meter reading moisture at the corner of a wall

Our moisture meter discovers this drywall isn’t so dry. It’s saturated by moisture intrusion.

moisture meter reading moisture near window

This time, we’re testing the outside of a home with the moisture meter. Significant moisture intrusion here.

damaged hvac insulation

This HVAC duct had collapsed onto the dirt floor and rotted. Later, it was re-hung when the vapor barrier was installed. Inside the home, the system was functional.

exposed wires near insulation

Electrical wiring within 5 feet of attic access should be contained in a closed junction box.

wires laying over insulation in attic

Electrical running directly over insulation that is installed incorrectly. Paper goes to the living/conditioned space.

exposed wires in an attic

These electric connectors are poorly arranged and could be a fire hazard.

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